One obvious yet underrated skill that will make ChatGPT your friend and not a foe…

The other day I got my hands on ChatGPT just to see what the hype is all about, and it absolutely blew my mind.
The essays and the cooking recipes that it can write is merely the tip of the iceberg. ChatGPT can churn out direct code, UX research methodologies, product concept notes, user personas, PRDs, and even value proposition statements!

Feeling threatened that it might do your job? It probably will. But wait, it may not necessarily be such a bad thing. Outsourcing some of the boring and repetitive parts of our job to AI can help us free up our time to do more creative work.

The question here is, Which skill do we need to sharpen in order to effectively get our work done by AI and not get replaced by it?
In my opinion: “Asking the Right Questions”.

A few decades ago, Google also swept into this world and disrupted how we looked up information. And what did we do? We learned how to ask the right questions. Yes, Today “Googling’ is one of the most underestimated skills in this world of information overload.

Similarly, #AI works on prompts. Be it a #Midjourney or a #ChatGPT, the value you get out of any AI tool depends on how well you can frame your prompts (read as questions).

And not just in this context,
Designers, remember crafting the good old ‘How Might We’ question? It literally sets you off in the right direction and leads to focused decision-making along the way. I strongly believe that asking apt questions go a long way even in our day-to-day work discussions. It can pull all your stakeholders on the same page, and can help the entire team gain a deeper insight into the subject.

So yeah, Go ahead and ask those questions. Shoot those ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘How’, ‘When’, and the most lethal of them all, the ‘Why’…

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