Driven by Design  

I love to craft thoughtful experiences that impact human lives. It all began with my interest in ‘Technology’ & ‘Innovation’, which initially pulled me into the field of design. Followed by an obvious fascination towards ‘People’ & ‘Psychology’, which pushed me further into it.

I have completed my +2 in Science (PCMC) and then graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design with a B.Des in User-Experience (UX) Design.

In my previous stint at Info Edge, I worked on Job Hai, a B2C job-finding app for the blue/grey collar workforce of India. I completed multiple design projects on both, the Jobseeker & Recruiter products.

Currently, I’m involved in the design of the Mobile App & Merchant Onboarding experience at Cashfree Payments.

[Oh did I mention, I really like Orange Juice!]

Here’s what I bring to the table


Generating patterns & themes to makes sense of all the information is my favourite step in a typical design process.

UX Design

It’s about designing an ‘Experience’ for the users and a ‘Strategy’ for the business. Not just good-looking App-screens

User Psychology

I have a knack of observing human behaviour. How might we design to influence their decisions and build a sense of trust?


I believe in building a narrative to make better connections between user-journeys and why we should care about it


Drop me a message regarding feedback or any work opportunities


Bangalore, India