About Me

Driven by Design

I am a Digital Product Designer who loves to create thoughtful experiences that impact human lives.

It all began with my interest in ‘Technology’ & ‘Innovation’, which initially pulled me into the field of design. Followed by an obvious fascination towards ‘People’ & ‘Psychology’, which pushed me further into it.


A few things I am good at

Design Research

Generating patterns & themes to makes sense of all the information is my favourite step in a typical design process.

UX Design

It’s about designing an ‘Experience’ for the users and a ‘Strategy’ for the business. Not just good-looking App-screens

User Psychology

I have a knack of observing human behaviour. How might we design to influence their decisions and build a sense of trust?


I believe in building a narrative to make better connections between user-journeys and why designers should care about it

I live for conversations

Everybody has a story to tell. Whether it’s about their brand, product, ideas or just memorable episodes in life.
Tell me your story…